El Sotano Underground

El Sotano Underground

jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Big Preme


Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1982. Preme became a faithful follower of hip hop since he began to walk. He started rapping in elementary school. Inspired by his older brother, who was a local legend. He quickly started to write and record his own music. After high school, he and a handful of close friends came together forming Imperial City thus, creating a local buzz with mix tapes they released. Soon after that, Preme sought out to do his own projects.
The moniker P.R.E.M.E.,which stands for-Poisonous Rhymes Eliminates My Enemies; was given to him by a close friend of the family. After dozens of cipher battles, it was clear on how he got such a name. From the start of his 1st verse, you will notice the pain and aggression in his unmatched flow capability, which got him respect from Virginia, New York, and even Canada. Preme is known worldwide, he had received recognition from record companies such as Slip n Slide and also 20Ent. to know more about Preme just listen to the music.

Escuchalo / Listen on:  www.youtube.com/user/bigpreme804

Chamber of death (Prod by Idiaz Beatz)

Duncan mc cleod

Contacto / Contact: @hiphopdream

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